The AGC - Alanui Group Council and the Alanui Institute are separate institutions. AGC is the maintainer of the Alanui Institute. This is because when there was the first demand for teaching and art in Antica, it was necessary to create and bring together people who would found the institute, maintain it and that they could manage it without necessarily being on a server. And, with much dedication, it remains so today. Currently, the Alanui Institute combines tradition and modernity, creating the ideal environment for the generation of knowledge.



Alanui, founder of the AGC and the Alanui Institute, is pioneer in the research of artistic and behavioral relations, with field research in Antica, and the involvement in alternative learning mechanisms. She is fascinated by human behavior in general. Lover of everything that links design, is an art critic and has some works in progress for publication. With an extensive amount of service provision throughout Tibia, she also works as a teacher at Loremasters. She believes that unity, good communication from leaders, combined with good projects are capable of changing the world. She is also chairwoman of TAC - Thais Actors Council, and believes faithfully in the influence and value of theater, and the work in shaping the world in which we live. It is in favor of artistic freedom and new methodological forms of teaching. She is a true education enthusiast, and believes that education is always the best option.

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President of The Alanui Institute​

Headmistress at the Alanui Group Council

Teacher of the Loremasters



Cotelaria, currently Provost of The Alanui Institute and Leader of The Red Rose, has always dedicated himself to the study of science, history and antican society. He is the author of A Study About Runes and has written other articles and studies not released yet. Lover of arts, he supports and works for its spread and grow in a hope of a more just and intellectual world.


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Provost of the Alanui Institute

Leader of the Red Rose





Mihiron, ex captain of the old ship tibianic, inceptor of the Red Rose, treasure of TAC - Thais Actors Council, renowned actor and director of the Thaian Theatre. Mihiron is an artist but his life as merchant give him the skills necessary to administrate a business of success allied with his experience celebrating spectacles  gave him the curriculum needed to be the Institutional Development and Finance Director of the Alanui Institute. He is also a partner and owner of The Socialista, located at the Alanui Resort in Zao island, a five-star restaurant awarded by Antica Times.


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Institutional Development and Finance Director

Eques of the Red Rose