That day with the Pandas

by: Topographic Ocean

My name is Topo, and I've got a short story to tell...


It was on a cloudy day, I don't remember why I traveled to Port Hope, but once in the jungle I saw it... A massacred mother panda, and three big birds eating her insides. I heard the cries of her cub between the leaves, after I killed those birds the little cub just came to me, moving slowly, almost paralyzed.

It took me about an hour but I managed to pet him, in the exact moment when my hand stroked his hair I felt the heartbeat of mamma in my chest, she was the best druid on the kingdom till the days of King Xenom, and also a prodigious druid. After some hours I rode it, he looked a bit less sad, so I decided to back to Thais with him.

After this little bastard stepped on Thais, he was so excited that he drank all the water from the Green Dragon Inn, he managed to meet some human friends, and even made a special one... Yeah, Frodo also tamed a Panda this day, and it was a she. I just left the cub in Frodo's place, what could happen?

After some months we decided to check Frodo's pet with city's vet, she was incredibly fat, and that was strange since she and my cub used to play and run almost every afternoon on the eastern greens... Well, doc said she was not fat. She was... pregnant. 

So, now we need some adoptants, and I'd like to know if you would like to have a little Panda, if so please send a letter.


My name is Topographic Ocean, from Thais.