That Day with the Thaian Street Dog

by: Topographic Ocean

My name is Topo, and I've got a short story to tell...


It was on a friday, I was sitting on Thais depot building and I saw him, this coldnose friend was wandering near the Green Dragon Inn, so I decided to buy some meat bones at Frodo's and play with my new friend, I just called him "Thaian Street Dog".

I took him to the greens and we played with some big demon bones from my early hunts, we had a lot of fun this day. We even met a new friend! A nameless dog from the streets, and we were playing togheter! But then, the disaster showed up... An evil foreigner came and attacked our new friend.

I couldn't help because animal cruelity rules on Tibianus' kingdom are not so severe as they are on other lands, so we had to watch how this foreigner literally eaten our new friend. I handled to reanimate the dog with black witchcraft from a well-known necromancer, sadly he was too scared to stay in the city, so he's now a wanderer, moving from land to land.

Since this day, this Thaian Street Dog (or Thaidog, how I like to call him) is following me to every place.


My name is Topographic Ocean, from Thais.