The Tibian Wonders of The World

by: Cotelaria

Greetings, fellow reader.


Today’s journey will lead us to one of The Tibian Wonders of World, according to the same-named book, The Colossus of Kazordoon! The outstanding Kazordoon monument “guards its entry, although the narrow valley makes it difficult to see that fortress-statue and admire its beauty”.

The trip began at the north exit of Thais. With my backpack ready (and also magic shield on) I left the capital of the kingdom in search of the so well-spoken colossus. It was dark already, so the road to Kazordoon wasn’t crowded, in fact, it was completely empty, which allowed me to lose myself on thoughts throughout the way.

    After a few minutes of walking and enjoying the beautiful shine of the stars, a beautiful bridge appeared, two dwarves statues guarded it, for a moment, I thought this was the colossus I’d heard about, which made me slightly disappointed at first sight, but then I saw that there wasn’t the place yet, as a giant stone mountain mesmerized me with its height on the other side of the bridge, Kazordoon was built under this mountain! It’s absurd to think that the dwarves managed to build something so challenging with such expertise.

As I approached the bridge I noticed that some dwarves were walking on it too but, when I reached them, they wanted me to pay a fee to cross the bridge. Fortunately, I was faster than they so I managed to escape this time. If you’re going to visit Kazordoon be careful with those abusers! After the bridge, finally, the mountain above Kazordoon! And what a beautiful structure it is! The gray fortress is the size of 10 demons above each other, or even more, I can’t even calculate it.

    Walking on the road built under the mountain made me think about how well protected the city of Kazordoon is, being underground and also having a huge mountain above to protect the city. After walking on a cold and wet path, I entered a small passage through the stones and then through some trees that seemed to enjoy the mountain’s shadow. After a few seconds of walking… BAM! I was in front of one of the wonders! An enormous dwarf (what an irony, huh?) with closed hands was standing right before me. The monument probably had the height of the mountain itself, absolutely wonderful. Unfortunately, it was night so I couldn’t see the monument well enough, so I went to Kazordoon in order to find a warm bed to pass the night.

  When the sun rose I went back to the entrance in order to admire once more that beautiful building. The ambient light made a lovely mix with the shadow of the mountain, lighting the path under the statue. 

             While in Kazordoon I was told by a dwarf that there was a way to see the statue from above, I only needed to go to the high farms, which I went to do, of course.

              I was never afraid of heights, but, for the first time, my legs lost their strength at the moment I stood above the statue in a small stone platform.  It was possible to see the Jakundaf Desert, what I supposed to be Outlaw camp, and also the sea from there. The wind was powerful too, and I could spot some birds flying under the level of the mountain’s peak, a memorable event.

After all, the writer of that book wasn’t wrong at all for choosing The Colossus of Kazordoon as a Tibian Wonder of the World, he was more than correct, it’s a must to visit this place at least once in your life, you won’t be disappointed!

See you in our next adventure,


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