Hail Tor'Roshak Duxganx the Fire Devil!


#01. Question: What lead to your election to the position of the Tor'Roshak?

Duxganx: Well, Mercenarys were on decay after our former Tor Roshak Skyzo gave away to the council the entire power of will for the guild, leaving the guild itself, at that day, after almost 15 years of being a Mercenary, I left the guild too, aside with Smargill. The council promised to bring Mercenarys back to life, but shortly not less than 1 week after getting the leadership, the entire council got retired, and after some months asked me to become the Tor Roshak. I told them I would purge the guild with inactive/unworthy or unknown members so we became stronger including them... They did not like my proposal so they took the offer back and they kept the guild. After 1 year, they all transfered to other world and I saw the Mercenarys going down and down, left in the dust. I had a huge amount of worhty prospects to join in a strike and so I decided to take care of the guild once again, and so here we are, purged, and with members that we consider family. We do not recruit, if anyone wants to join, they must be very dear and important for a Mercenary already. We decided to remove the second in command, as before there were 2 Tor Roshaks to keep balance.

Our Team: I understand, so you took the helm to steer the Mercenarys out of their crisis and turned it into a tightly-knit family.

Duxganx: but democracy and swarms of opinions from councils and members, that were merely doing something was the reason Mercenarys was dieing, lots of opinions, so few actions... so now this is a Monarchy hehe to avoid drama and protect the guild first.

#02. Question: Speaking of the second Tor'Roshak. Do you plan to appoint a second one as it used to be Merc custom, or will you remain as sole Tor'Roshak on top of the guild?

Duxganx: The guild will remain as a single Tor Roshak Monarchy instead of a two Tor Roshak Democracy aided by the council. Currently, we changed the name of council to Senate aswell, and most very dear close trustworthy and very near important people are as senate now. Every single senate is trusted with my mind, heart, soul and life. In short words, we've decided that if you want to be one of us, you must be one of us before you join, and follow the rules, not advice rules or demand changes.

#03. Question: What are your plans for the future of the Mercenarys?

Duxganx: The first plan for the Mercenarys was to avoid the disband of it, we were so desperated that we even reached our Ashak Khel Rakath Flattery for advice, and we were so badly, that he adviced us to let Mercenarys die. So first step was this, to bring Mercenarys to life. I belive with luck we've done that in a single strike. The guild itself was in the last breath, and we gave it a shock and now from being 0 online, we are average of 5 online daily. I belive this is a good number compared with Red Rose, Messiahs of Bedlam, Satori, Black Dragons, old school vintage guilds. We have done other work too, aside of the purge, the members energy strike of joining, we have re organized the ranks, the website, we are developing a discord, we have joined the neutral Alliance with House Redd network. We have re-decored and re-organized the Mercenary Tower. Sadly we were robbed in a big scale from the past years, we lost a lot of tomes, thropys, books, and tapestrys of honour with the last leaderships.

Our Team: This is a sad loss. But it seems you still did a great job at averting the disbandment of the Mercenarys and bringing them back to life.

Duxganx: Well, yes, Mercenarys among other guilds, keeps great history, memories, and tibia legacy that in my opinion does not belong to any of us, it belongs to tibia itself. Some great guilds has been disbanded in the past and it was going to be horrible if Mercenarys was disbanded too.

#04. Question: Now that the Mercenarys are getting back on their feet, do you think the Mercenarys will accept contracts again, e.g. quest services or hunting down a bounty? Or perhaps even resume their traditional role as protectors of Fibula in the future?

Duxganx: This is interesting because indeed we were all that and more, we have not thought of that yet, we are more likely in a phase of assambling ourselves... because as you know and see, what I am trying to explain, it was that, I was the last Mercenary. All of this people that I have asked to join me, are not yet Mercenarys, but got, what we say, Mercenary soul. So they are in train to become what we are. Knowing our beliefs, our traditions, our ways. Plus they do not know eachother well enough yet, they all just know that if you are in the guild, you are very important to other Mercenary so we are fiting into that. Now, after this, we might do quest services or such helps, perhaps soccer events as the TBL, Bar events, etc. But doing a Black Book and bountys its quite hard nowadays because of the dimention and power of the war guilds, they are too many and we would become a war guild right now we only want peace. We have no plans into charge or protect Fibula either, I would say its protected by itself because very few people have matters to do going there, and again, we want no war matters into our hands. We seek to be respected thats most of it.

#05. Question: Speaking of the Mercenary ways and spirit: How would you describe the Mercenarys as guild and what are you looking for in new members?

Duxganx: Mercenarys was, after their great days, speaking of what it was left, it was a graveyard of retired trial soldiers that stoped being around, a place of retired people, recruited members that got retired over and over. Now a days, after the purge, I can assure you we are a strong, close family, we know eachother well, we care for eachother, we help eachother, we worry to know and socialize with our members. They all are already worthy and great people, we got the hard part that is union, being a family, the only thing I Would like to seek into them and the guild itself its them to know our history, our traditions and ways... meaning a tiny little bit of RPG, knowing our titles, our way to greet and so on. But my first idea its to update the Mercenarys to the current times and ways of tibia, to evolve not to try so hard into be what we were but to be happy, close, and active on the right ways left alone in peace. Pretty much the only rule we got is to respect. Respect our members, respect the tibians, this idea is what I believe will keep us out of dramas.

Our Team: So the Mercenarys prefer to stay among themselves for the time being, strengthening their cohesion.This seems like a sound plan.

Duxganx: Yes, I seek for the Mercenarys a place to have other people to do things, to have fun, to have peace rather than any other thing. We had our glorious days of power and fear, but every empire must fall and others shall rise, what we seeked it was to not be destroyed by ourselves or others.

#06. Question: With that many different active guilds around, why do you think should one join the Mercenarys? What motivates your fellow guildmembers to be Mercenarys?

Duxganx: We already fought too many wars, killed too many enemies, hunted our preys, we seek peace now. This is very interesting and funny because we were so many people spreaded out in different guilds and having level breaches, we got lvl 800s and lvls 50s, but before joining here, including me a few back ago, we already were a Family. We just decided all, and I mean, ALL of us, to be in the same place. We are around of 30 close trustworthy friends that consider each other brothers, making us a family. So, what Ive found is that, its more tempting for someone to tell that we do not recruit because we are a very close friendship guild and if you want to join you must become that before joining, and once joining you will have that for sure than trying to recruit a person and making them to fit it... to blend in, and work to become one of us. A great surprise is that, many people has joined lately, and its super close friends of the root members, so Im not worried about who will want to join, Im sure that those who want to join, will find the way to be around. Because they will not join the Mercenarys to share the people, they will become the people to share what a Mercenary is.

#07. Question: Do you enjoy being in the position of the Tor'Roshak or did you take the leadership more from a sense of duty, because no one else was capable or willing to save this old guild?

Duxganx: It is odd, because as Ive explained before, we were so many spreaded out everywhere but at the same time super close, and by some reason everyone came to me to lead everything, quests, achievements, mysteriando, hunts, imbues, warzones, everything... and this has been happening for years, so, everything was like a solved puzzle, I knew we would be greater together, there was a place to be, this place was in need of us, and yes, Ive always had this duty for the Mercenarys, they did SO much for me.

Our Team: Sounds like people naturally trust you to be the one in charge of things.

#08. Question: What are you looking forward to the most as new leader of the Mercenarys?

Duxganx: What I seek the most honestly is just watching the members being active as they are, thats my expectation for now and working aside with the things that needs to be done for this to happen.

#09. Question: So you mostly want to see the guild being active and prosper?

Duxganx: Exactly, pretty much.

#10. Question: What would you say are the three biggest strengths of the Mercenarys?

Duxganx: Summarized, from former times, to the current days, we seek this, made by our Ashaks Row And Flattery. My blood to your blood, your blood to mine. Our unity over all, until the end of time. My life for the family, my sword for the victory. HAIL to the Mercs, forever and in eternity! Unity, Time and Life, thats what we share, this is what makes us a Family.

Our Team: A nice way to conclude our interview with the Mercenarys' motto.

Duxganx: We got some out dated legacy information at www.mercenarys.net, but its a nice place to peak.

Our Team: Well then, thank you for your time and answers Tor'Roshak. Our team wishes you and the rest of the Mercenarys the best for your future!

Duxganx: Thank you very much, Fare thee well!